Comparing Homosexuality With Racism

Comparing Homosexuality With Racism

Here we go again comparing homosexuality with racism.   In recent times, this has been done repeatedly, and many Bible believers are sick of it.  In a recent issue of Sports Illustrated (March 3, 2014), on its editorial page, high praise is given for those who have come out of the closet and have openly declared their homosexuality.  These are called men of great courage.  This is being compared to Jackie Robinson breaking the racial barrier in baseball!   This is another “42” moment for sports!   But such a comparison should be an insult to every black person in America.  I do not think that Jackie Robinson had to openly declare that he was black.   That was rather obvious.  Being black is not a choice, but “sexual orientation” , a favorite term used by those who promote homosexuality,  can include many things involving choice.   It is not like the question, “What is your sex?” where you could write either male or female.  The concept of “Sexual Orientation” has to do with a process of  indoctrination that has been occurring over a long period of time.  This term is found on forms one is asked to answer, including questions like, “What is your nationality?”, “What is your race?” and  “What is your sexual orientation?”--- as if all of these questions are of equal weight and constitute born or natural characteristics.   As to “sexual orientation” it is legitimate to write, “transgender, homosexual, bi-sexual, and by logical extension, it is certainly broad enough to include polygamist, rapist, pedophile or any other preference or sexual addition.  This brain-washing technique has been used to penetrate the government, public schools, the military, and now sports.  After all, who are we to question anyone’s “sexual orientation?”   I predict that in time such terms will include a lot more than transgender, homosexual and by-sexual activities.  But,  as our secular and humanist friends tell us, “We ought to accommodate all human beliefs and activities no matter how weird and bazaar they might seem to us”.    And what if we do not choose to recognize those values?   Well, too bad, they tell us.  That makes you not only weird and bazaar but unfit to enter into the conversation! 

Jackie Robinson

The story of Jackie Robinson breaking the racial barrier in baseball was a great thing and should have happened many years earlier.  Part of the problem was a plain lack of Bible knowledge on the part of some religious people.  Much of what I do is deal with so called Bible believers who believe many wrong and outlandish things simply because they do not know their Bibles.   But the Jackie Robinson story is very interesting to me.   One of the main forces behind the push for desegregation in baseball was a man named Branch Rickey, who was general manager and part owner of the Brooklyn Dodgers.  He was a very religious man, a teetotaler when it came to drinking, never used curse words, and, a fact little known, he never worked on Sunday as a matter of religious conviction.  This was also true of Billy Sunday, who finally quit baseball and spent the rest of his life in evangelism.  The belief that Sunday was the “Christian Sabbath” was common among many evangelicals at that time.   The Sunday blue laws were pushed both by Catholics and Evangelicals.  It was a bit inconsistent of Branch Rickey, since he operated baseball clubs which forced the players to play on Sunday.   It is not clear whether or not he would have allowed players, for reasons of conscience, to renege on that part of the contract.   To be consistent, Mr. Rickey would be obligated to grant that exemption.  While I am writing about forced compliance when it comes to matters of conscience, let me interject this side note.  The government has no right to interfere with honestly held religious convictions, unless there is a very compelling reason to do so.  Thus, the burden is placed on the government to prove that there is compelling reason.  Also, on the part of the individual, he has the burden to prove it to be a sincerely held religious conviction and not just a matter of  preference or convenience.   If it is actually based upon a true religious conviction, the Christian would choose jail over violating his or her conscience.

Convictions of Conscience

Some may say, “O.K. Lindy,  you claim to be religious.  So why were you willing to play baseball on Sunday?”    I have explained this many times.  It was because playing on Sunday did not violate my religious convictions.  I only asked to be allowed to worship on Sunday, not take the whole day off.  I do not believe that Sunday is a “Christian Sabbath.”   The early Christians assembled on Sunday, because that is the day Jesus was raised from the dead.   Otherwise, Sunday was a regular working day, which is why they usually met in the evening.  This became a regular pattern of New Testament churches.    Had playing on Sunday violated my conscience, I would not have considered playing professional baseball.  I have wondered about Jewish players, who do follow some tenants of Judaism, but were willing to play baseball on the “Jewish Sabbath”.   But, as I have discovered, evidently only the orthodox Jews practice “sabbath keeping”.   But I am getting a bit off the main subject. 

Branch Rickey, out of religious conviction and some early experience with raw racism, which was rather widespread at the time, determined that he would break the racial barrier in baseball.  Most baseball historians credit him with bringing that about.  And for this reason alone, his example should be praised for bravery and courage. You can read more about him by searching the internet.  Fighting racism was a legitimate battle and has been hard fought.   But now I get to the subject of homosexuality.  My point here is that true religious conviction lies at the heart of every great reform.  That is why all societies that rule out God are doomed to fail.  

The Homosexual Movement

The homosexual lobby is very strong and the science behind this movement (that is, that one is born homosexual) is extremely flawed.   The Biblical defense of it by certain liberal members of clergy is most disgusting and degrading for anyone who claims to be a student of the word of God.  Such people would not last 5 minutes in a real debate using the Bible as the standard.   They regard the Bible as a “living document” which means that it can be twisted and changed anyway they wish to fit their own agenda.   But the actual words and text of the Bible will not support this.  But they just quote the statement that “all men are created in God’s image” (see Gen. 1:26) or “in Christ there is neither male or female” (see Gal. 3:28) and that seems to be all they need to establish their views with their parishioners.  They can just ignore scriptures which directly deal with the subject such as Romans 1:24-27 and a host of others.  They do not realize that “the sum of God’s word is truth” (see Psa. 119:160) which some are willing to twist and turn to their own destruction (see 2 Pet. 3:16).   Some I have heard also promote the idea that the constitution of the United States endorses homosexuality under the clause “all men are created equal”  (evidently they can jam into that clause about anything they want), since they view the constitution as a “living document” which can be made to conform to our changing times and their own agendas, regardless of the original intent of the framers.  Whether or not these arguments are effective depends upon the ignorance of the people regarding both the constitution and the Bible. 

The Failure Of Governmental Anti-God Policies

Here I could mention many things including legalized abortion, attacks on private ownership, and other rights guaranteed by the constitution; but here I am dealing with just this one topic.  It is true that there have been homosexuals from ancient times.   But in all of my research, I have not discovered at anytime in history where the government used the term “marriage” to describe this abomination, as the Bible calls it.   Not even ancient Rome, with all of its degrading activities, including that of homosexuality and abandonment of children, ever defined marriage as being between two women or two men.  And yet in a period of just 20 years this has become an accepted practice in our society, and anyone who is opposed to this is openly called a “homophobe” and is unfit for public office.    My, my how times have changed!  I suppose the next step is to ban all references to homosexuals from pulpits and all public places of discourse.  However, the word of God does not change.  Thus, the Bible itself is under serious attack.  I am told that to believe in creation is idiotic, to believe in God is archaic, and that such people should not have any voice in the public realm.  

Meanwhile, our country is falling apart due to the destruction of the home, which is the bedrock of all social living and action.  These are the real scientific facts and studies that are being ignored.   We are fast becoming a society where many will never know the joys of true companionship between husband and wife, the joys of experiencing children or grandchildren, the joys of sharing life together in a home as God would have it to be.  It is so sad that we are now witnessing so many broken homes, broken hearts and broken lives when it does not have to be that way.  These involve true choices that we can make.   Well, I guess I will just continue to be homophobic and unapologetic.   I would prefer to line up with Moses, Jesus Christ, the apostles, and, dare I say it, God.  

I have read four recent editorial articles in Sports Illustrated promoting homosexuality (see SI, April 15, 2013, p. 68; SI, November 18, 2013, p. 102; SI, January 13, 2014, p. 64; SI, March 3, 2014, p. 68).  Isn’t it about time that some one stands up and defends the Bible?   Why don’t we hear from the  “Fellowship Of Christian Athletes” or from various athletes who claim to be Christian?   Are we afraid to speak out against such things for fear of being ridiculed?   Evil triumphs when good men say nothing.  

My prayer is that there will be a strong backlash in America against these strong “in your face” liberal agendas and people of faith and conscience will rise up and change the tide of moral corruption.   I am also sure that God is watching and will have the last word.
                                                              Lindy McDaniel, April 30, 2014

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